Человек, про которого нельзя раскопать никакой информации в интернете.

Словарь 2007 года. — М.: Большой город. 2007.

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  • ungoogleable — n. A person for whom no information appears in an Internet search engine, particularly Google. adj. Also: unGoogleable, ungooglable, unGoogle able. Example Citations: Amnemia: The loss of all memory tricks related to name recall, brought about… …   New words

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  • Google bombing — (GOO.gul bawm.ing) n. Setting up a large number of Web pages with links that point to a specific Web site so that the site will appear near the top of a Google search when users enter the link text. Google bomb v, n. Example Citation: Since… …   New words

  • Googleganger — n. A person who has the same name as you, and whose online references are mixed in with yours when you run a Google search on your name. Also: Google ganger. [Google + doppelgänger] Example Citations: The point is, when you Google yourself, it s… …   New words

  • Googlejuice — (GOO.gul.joos) n. The presumed quality inherent in a Web site that enables it to appear at or near the top of search engine results, particularly those of the Google search engine. Also: Google juice, Google juice. Example Citations:… …   New words

  • Googleverse — n. 1. The products, services, and technologies belonging to or associated with Google Inc. 2. Web pages, newsgroups, images, and other content indexed by the Google search engine. [Blend of Google and universe] Example Citations: Alexa, a… …   New words

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  • google — (GOO.gul) v. To search for information on the Web, particularly by using the Google search engine; to search the Web for information related to a new or potential girlfriend or boyfriend. Googling pp. Example Citation: Still a rare practice among …   New words

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